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Ploy self-cleaning Screens

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Poly self-cleaning Screens are made of pre-curled metal wire with a poly belt, which is 30% larger than the opening area of the woven metal wire, which greatly improves productivity. Poly self-cleaning Screens can separate and screen wet materials. Widely used for material separation in mining, quarry and other industries.

The ploy self-cleaning screens is made of high carbon steel wire, spring steel wire, and stainless steel wire. It can provide an effective solution for difficult sizing and aggregate separation conditions such as blind holes and blockages.

Features of Poly self-cleaning Screens:

1.  The strict control of size.

2.  Strong self-cleaning ability and low maintenance.

3.  Three different types-W grid, H grid and D grid.

4.  Reduce blindness and blockage.

5.  Abrasion resistance.

6.  Produces tighter specifications and has the ability to self-clean.

7.  Customizable width and length.

Application of Poly self-cleaning Screens:

The self-cleaning screen can effectively screen the wettest and wettest materials of various sizes used in mining, quarry, and aggregate processing industries.

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