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Self Cleaning Screen

Self Cleaning Screen Mesh Has High Load Capacity, Self-Cleaning Ability

Self-cleaning screen media was initially engineered to resolve screen cloth blinding, clogging and pegging problems. The idea was to place crimped wires side by side on a flat surface, creating openings and then, in some way, holding them together over the support bars. This would allow the wires to be free to vibrate between the support bars, preventing blinding, clogging and pegging of the cloth. Initially, crimped longitudinal wires on self-cleaning cloth were held together over support bars with woven wire.

Nowadays, self-cleaning screen has became a screen with polyurethane strips to replace woven cross wires. The polyurethane strips lessens the vibration of the longitudinal wires over the support bars but does not stop it, consequently allowing vibration from hook to hook.

This product is not only a high-performance screen but also a problem solver. The independent vibrating wires helped produce more product compared to a woven wire cloth with the same opening (aperture) and wire diameter. This higher throughput would be a direct result of the higher vibration frequency of each independent wire of the screen cloth (calculated in hertz) compared to the shaker vibration (calculated in RPM), accelerating the stratification of the material bed. Another benefit that helped the throughput increase is that hybrid self-cleaning screen media offered a better open area percentage than woven wire screen media. Due to its flat surface (no knuckles), hybrid self-cleaning screen media can use a smaller wire diameter for the same aperture than woven wire and still lasts as long, resulting in a greater opening percentage.

We have various types meshes. You can choose the suitable one.

Self Cleaning Screen



High screening efficiency

High gothrough rate

Less blinding, blocking or pegging

Less maintenance

Reduce the plugging

Various types of meshes.


Material: High carbon steel wire, spring steel wire, manganese steel and stainless steel wire.

Wire diameter:1.6–5 mm.

Mocular Self-cleaning screen available.

Edge:Hooked edge is available.


Self cleaning screen mesh can filter the most wet materials in the following areas:
Mining industry. Quarry. Aggregate processing industry. Chemical industry. Sand and gravel industry.

Self Cleaning Screen

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