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Polyurethane Screens for Mining and Quarry Application

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Redstar Company has been produced and exported polyurethane screens in the world for a decade. Because of the high quality and best service, we are the reliable business partner of customers. There are four major types of polyurethane screen: polyurethane fine screens, polyurethane flip flow screens, polyurethane self-cleaning screen and polyurethane tufflex screens.

Compared with metal screen mesh, there are some advantages of polyurethane screens:

1. With light weight. Because the material is polyurethane, which is a kind of compound object. It means the installation and replacement are easy.

2. With less noise. It is good for the working environment.

3. Flexible screen surface. It can reduce the blocking problem and increase the sieving efficiency. Also, the products can be used for the wet and dry condition.

4. High-temperature and corrosion resistance. Anti-corrosion is the core property of polyurethane material.

5. Long service life and cost-saving.

Polyurethane Screens for Mining and Quarry Application

As for the application, the mine and quarry are the major place for polyurethane screens. Of course, the length, width and thickness can be customized according to customers' request. Also, many colors can be choose for customers.

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