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Polyurethane Screen

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High-Precision Screening

Polyurethane screen media is used where wear life is an issue. Large producers such as mines or huge quarries use them to reduce the frequency of having to stop the plant for screen deck maintenance. Polyurethane screen media have been in use for many years and have proven to be generally economical due to the long wear life and low maintenance requirements.

Long Service Life

Polyurethane screens offer a lifespan that is up to 10 times longer compared to woven wire screens. Therefore, they reduce operational and labour costs. On the other hand, their flexible structure allows the screen to flex and helps to reduce clogging and blinding. Lower weight also contributes to lower energy consumption in the long run.

Variable Shapes And Sizes

Polyurethane screens can reduce or even eliminate plugging, pegging and blinding problems due to the tapered openings and resiliency of the material. Corrosion and rust out are eliminated. Aperture shapes are almost unlimited. While wire cloth is typically limited to squares and rectangles, polyurethane screen apertures can be molded to any shape which best serves the particular application.
Red Star Polyurethane screen media production has started since 2010. Our mould cost return policy can significantly reduce our clients’ cost.


Wide range of applications

Near unlimited opening shapes

Low noise levels

Great impact resistance

Much smaller minimum screen opening

Flexible Structure

Less blocking, blinding or pegging

Low friction coefficient

Oil, acid and corrosive chemical resistant


What are the main application areas for Polyurethane Screens?

Aggregate Processing

Washing Applications

Cement Manufacturing

Mining Applications

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