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Min.Order Quantity:200 Roll/Rolls

Supply Ability:5000 Roll/Rolls per Week

Port:XinGang, Tianjin

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T


Supporting bar, PU belt cleaner scraper blade, Polyurethane rollers, Polyurethane cyclone, PU Elastomer, PU Accessories/Parts, Conveyor Belt Blade, Spray Nozzle, Abrasion-resistant Lining, PU Profile, Guide Rail, PU Block, PU Axle Sleeve, PU Liner, Polyurethane wear-resistant seals.

With excellent physical properties, Polyurethane rollers are not easy to become ageing and hardening after the long-term using. PU rollers have a longer service life and easy to stock because of their excellent tear resistance, abrasion resistance and elastic resilience. PU rollers are able to withstand high pressure, high speed, high humidity production environment.

The experimental results show that the service life of the Polyurethane rollers is the three times than the rollers produce by other materials.

The Polyurethane cyclone is used to separate and remove the coarse grained material of the dirty sand in the waste water.

This kind of the PU cyclone is mainly used for the grading, sorting, concentration and desliming in the mining industry.

When the cyclone is used as grading equipment, it is mainly used to form grinding classification system with the mill.

When used as grading equipment, it is mainly used to form grinding classification system with mill.

When used as desliming equipment, it can be used for sludge removal in gravity plants

When used as concentrating and dewatering equipment, it can be used to concentrate ore tailings to be transported away to fill underground mining tunnels.

Polyurethane Spare Parts
Polyurethane Spare Parts is developed in recent years for mining mineral processing, grading, dehydration and other screening machines replace metal sieve (mesh) of a new product. Mainly used in coal, iron ore, copper, gold and other ores grading, screening, dewatering and other places, is one of the components necessary shaker sieve structure by polyurethane are divided into four types: mosaic bolt Join layering connection screen hook connection.

For example, layering connection type: Please place the sieve screen surface, and then sieve the support beam to install. Should generally be in the screening machine both sides of the upper sieve plate, along with the width under the direction of the appropriate material u type iron suitable distance strip drilling screw holes and then bolt and tighten the underlying support beam, so that prison sieve firmly set in the middle. Strip iron support beams and the contact with the sieve is best to use rubber (can use old hose) pad. Sieve the middle of the support beam above method can also be installed here.

If the sieve plate is not required to install, you may shake it up and down the screen surface, long-term friction and collisions with steel support Liangfa Sheng, will seriously affect the life of sieve.

Screen vertical and horizontal rules are made of high wear-resistant polyurethane, wire article contains. Life than traditional metal mesh 3-10 times higher. Unique structure, suitable elastic and plastic strength, it reduced the card blocking, while the second harmonic due to screen high-frequency vibration section, but also reduce the sticky block. Practical hole high screening efficiency.

Mesh with elastic tension on both sides hook, the overall light weight, good flexibility, easy to transport storage, installation and removal easy. Screen can effectively absorb the shock, reduce noise, improve the working environment.

Special Specification can also be customized according to customer's requirements.

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