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Min.Order Quantity:200 Roll/Rolls

Supply Ability:5000 Roll/Rolls per Week

Port:XinGang, Tianjin

Payment Terms:L/C, T/T


Red Star Wire Mesh MFG Company is very experienced and good at manufacturing pre-crimped woven wire screens, especially heavy duty ones. All our screen meshes are made to the highest quality specifications with a specific type of screen available to suite any of clients’ certain screening requirements.

With 30 years around in the screening media industry business line, our knowledge and expertise has evolved to where we can supply the clients with the optimal products and solution to thein screening requirements at the lowest total cost. We offer a complete range of openings, wire diameters, materials and weave types enabling us to provide you with the optimum wire screen media product for your application. Our extensive inventories allow us to supply you the most suitable product to your exact applications.

As with all Red Star Wire Mesh MFG Company’s screening media, our Square opening wire mesh screen range is fully backed by a good-skilled and well-trained team with knowledge and experience built over years in screening medias. For applications demanding maximum productivity and service at the best possible cost, it demands square wire screening medias, from Red Star Wire Mesh MFG Company.

Square Wire Screen

Opening size: 1.5 - 203 mm

Wire diameter: 0.8 – 19.5 mm

Supplied dimensions: width up to 2.5m, no length limitation, as required by customer, in rolls or formats

Opening (Aperture)Wire DiameterOpen Area %Approx. Weightkg/m2
25.41   5.720.22566.62%13.3
28.581 1/85.720.22569.43%12.2
31.751 1/45.720.22571.80%10.9
19.05 3/46.170.24357.06%19.1
20 48/616.170.24358.41%18.6
22.23 7/86.170.24361.27%17.3
25.41   6.170.24364.73%15.4
26.991  1/166.170.24366.25%14.6
28.581 1/86.170.24367.64%13.8
31.751 1/46.170.24370.11%12.6
25.41   7.190.28360.74%19.8
28.581 1/87.190.28363.84%18.2
31.751 1/47.190.28366.48%16.7
38.11 1/27.190.28370.77%14.5
25.41   7.920.31258.11%24
28.581 1/87.920.31261.31%22
31.751 1/47.920.31264.06%20.25
38.11 1/27.920.31268.54%17.5
41.281 5/87.920.31270.40%16
44.451 3/47.920.31272.04%15
50.82   7.920.31274.84%13.5
25.41   9.190.36253.92%30.9
31.751 1/49.190.36260.14%26
38.11 1/29.190.36264.91%21.4
41.281 5/89.190.36266.90%22.4
44.451 3/49.190.36268.67%20
50.82   9.190.36271.71%18.1
57.152 1/49.190.36274.21%16.2
63.52 1/29.190.36276.31%14.85
50.82   11.10.43767.35%25.3
50.82   12.70.564.00%32.3
57.152 1/412.70.566.94%29.53
63.52 1/212.70.569.44%26.5
76.23   12.70.573.47%22.7
88.93 1/212.70.576.56%20.2
101.64   12.70.579.01%17.9

Flat Top Screen

Square Wire Screen

Flat Top Screen is mainly used as screen mesh, it is widely used in many industries, such as mining screen, quarrying screen, the screen deck, screen wire for stone crusher, Classifying Trommel

Double Crimp Screen

Square Wire Screen

Double Crimp Screens are produced by weaving previously crimped wires into one another. The mesh width and wire diameter determine the number of crimps within a mesh width.

In some cases it is possible to produce grids with identical mesh width and differing numbers of crimps. The number of crimps set by us guarantees the highest possible mesh stability.

Lock Crimp Screen

Square Wire Screen

The Lock Crimp Mesh is produced via the pre-crimp technique. The warp and Shute wires are both crimped at their points of intersection and ensures that there is no wire movement in the mesh. This makes the lock crimp wire cloth a very hearty stainless steel screen mesh.

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